Professional Medical Services

Professional Medical Services was founded in 2010 as an On-Site Medical Services provider. The primary basis for our existence is the belief that "The patient gets what the patient needs". Over the years, we have been building our capabilities. We are able to provide On-Site Medical teams, highly specialized EMS and Community Paramedicine program assistance, and Concierge Care.
We have been able to achieve this through the hard work and dedication of a very special group of highly qualified EMS professionals. Our team members have dedicated their lives to their chosen professions, and to their communities. They are your friends. They are your neighbors. They are your family.

In a recent study of ER and EMS patients, a well known fact was reinforced by hard statistics:
(1) 87% of patients transported to their local ER by ambulance in Texas, did not require emergency care.
(2) 85% of patients who arrived at their local ER by private vehicle in Texas, did not require emergency care.
(3) The average time spent in an ER in Texas is 3 hours.

This is unacceptable.......

We are here to help.